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On this page “Write For us,” we invite writers interested in working on a new writing project about home decor, cleaning, gardening and much more. If you are one of them who agree to work with us or are interested to know about the work, let to know a heart warming welcome.

To learn more, scroll below; you will get all the answers and ideas about this project. Then take your own decision.
If you are optimistic about our approach, how to inform us about the next update is also mentioned here. We give the update in a short, convenient time as we don’t accept all submissions. However, let’s discover first.

First Read The Full Guide:

If you email us without reading all the terms on this page, your email will not be answered.

And If you don’t agree to any of our terms, then we don’t allow you.

Thank you for visiting this page. Yes, we accept guest posts, but we don’t accept CBD, Porn, Casino, or Gambling types of content. We allow only Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Sleep, Decor, Furniture, Home, Garden, and Kitchen related content.

Article Publishers queries:

1. Accept Guest post
2. Accept link exchange & No follow link is free
3. Organic Traffic is around 15k
4. Maximum 1 Do-follow link
5. The content must be at least 1 thousand words
6. The post will be published within 24 hours
7. $10 per guest post and $10 per link insertion (Don’t Bargain)
8. You can pay at PayPal or Payoneer
9. You can pay after getting the live URL

Content Writing Part

Our first and last talk is about Quality, Resourceful, SEO-optimized content.

Note: we are strictly saying If your content isn’t well written and SEO optimized then we will never publish your content. And must follow “Our content writing guidelines“.

Our Content Writing Guidelines:

1. You must add a unique feature image (size 728*485)
2. Maintain H2 – H3 – H4 heading tag
3. Must have content SEO optimized
4. Maximum 1 do-follow link
5. Minimum 1k words
6. Content must be human-written – Don’t try AI content
7. 100% unique and plagiarism-free content (Attach a proof)
8. All images will be entirely unique (copyright free)
9. At least provide 3-4 images for the body content and a unique feature image.
10. Write a meta description

Who Are We Looking For?

First, we want to share the requirements for this project as it will help you to decide whether you are eligible or not. We greeted both fresher and experienced those who have a passion for this field. And enjoy this work from the core. Fresher or experienced, it doesn’t matter to us. If you are familiar with this field and give us quality-rich content, we will surely return you the same value. You have to follow the guidelines we will set. Thus it will benefit us both.
After learning the requirements for the professional purpose, the 2nd question that can come to your mind is what benefits you will get from this project or working with us.
The answer is waiting below for you.
Here is our email address Click Here.

10k Organic Traffic by Google

Last 30 days traffic date = Oct 28, 2022 – Nov-26,2022

What Benefits Can You Get from Us?

1. Reach a New Audience:

If you involve with us, you will get to meet new traffic. Your writing may contact many new readers of our site looking for home renovation and improvement. Thus your audience range may spread wide.

2. Get your name out there:

To be familiar with this field and get out your name, Home decoration “Write For Us” means guest blogging sites will be much more cooperative with you. These sites will lead your writing to a vast audience as an expert. Thus new readers will recognize and appreciate you for your informative stuff. We will also do the same for you and be a good media to spread your name.

3. Boost your SEO and Drive Traffic to Your site:

Home renovation “write for us,” home improvement “write for us,” Home decoration “Write For Us” – these guest blogging sites can be wonderful media to lift your SEO. And it helps to attract great-ranged traffic to your site. While you post guest-engaging articles on our site, you can attach your website link to the post. Thus it will support you in growing up your site’s search engine rank. And encourage your passion for work more.

4. Social Media Presence:

Getting more familiarity and catching new clients, working with us on this project can be a fantastic opportunity and a good idea for you. Readers will notice your informative posts and your social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) links on our sites; they may visit your blog, personal site, or social media. Thus you can expand your social network. And new clients also can find an easy route to you.
So if you are interested, kindly follow the submission guidelines and give us a copy article So that you and we can move fast on this project.

Submission Guidelines.

The below points can help to make your submission perfect.

What you should avoid

Term of Use

Where to Submit Your Home Improvement Posts?

If you are ready to write for us home decor, and interior design and your copy is ready to submit, then you are welcome to our site. We are ready to hear you. We assure you that we will surely value your work. You can send your article to our editor. We will notify you later.
One thing we want to tell you is that we every day receive many submissions. So, it may not be possible to accept all. If we can’t be able to accept yours, then you can resend or send it by modifying it or any new one. Every time we welcome you with the same grace.
Feel free to contact us for any guest post query and send the article here at . Also, you can send articles through google docs.

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Wrapping Up:

We appreciate you and your confidence that you approached us by answering our invitation and response to our article “Write For us.” We will surely utilize your work. And if it fits our demand or not, in a short time, we will inform you. We will not keep you waiting. 

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I hope, I won’t be disappointed by your content.

If you agree with all terms and conditions then share some content topic ideas at: contact@wehomedeco.com

In this article, we try to clear your questions, but if you have any more things to know or ask, then kindly contact us by mail. Thank you for being with us.