Soft Vs Firm Mattress- Which Is Better For Back pain?

Guys, pain is panicky, but when it is back pain, believe me, it is even more panicky. But the good news is that by choosing the right mattress, you can get relief from back pain. You may get two popular types of mattresses out on the market, including soft and firm mattresses. So what could be better for back pain soft or firm mattress?

Well, many people consider that getting the firm mattress could be better for back pain though it’s not always true. Rather, having a firm mattress can cause more problems. However, let’s find out what kind of mattress is better for back pain soft vs firm mattress. Continue to read.  

What is the difference between soft and firm mattress?

Well, the basic difference between soft and firm mattress is the feel. A firm mattress is enough harder than a softer one. On the other ways, a softer mattress is soft enough to touch. You can easily compress the softer mattress by using pressure. Also, a softer mattress will give you more comfort layers such as latex, foam, and pillow top.  

Benefits of the firm and soft mattresses:

Benefits of firm mattress:  

  • Choosing firm mattresses could be best for those who have no back pain.  
  • It protects your lower back from collapsing, which enables enough oxygen intakes when sleeping.
  • Firm mattresses are suitable for those who want to sleep on their back.

Benefits of soft mattress: 

  • Usually, choosing a soft mattress is better for those who have back pain problems.
  • It is ideal for lighter people.
  • A soft mattress is better for those who sleep on their side. It aligns the spine as well.

What do I need to choose a firm vs soft mattress?

If you are a patient of scoliosis or arthritis, choosing a firm mattress couldn’t be the ideal choice. A firm mattress is responsible for increasing pain. On the other hand, a soft mattress can cause back pain if you are a heavyweight person. Most significantly, choosing a soft mattress is better to side sleepers.


In a nutshell, if you don’t have back pain or you need to sleep stomach or back, choosing a firm mattress is suitable. Some studies found that opting firm mattress is better for lower back pain. On the other hand, it is advisable to go for a soft mattress if you can’t get relief from back pain by using a firm mattress. However, consider the sleep position and back pain before choosing a mattress, firm or soft.

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