Standard Vs Low Profile Box Spring with Pros & Cons

The comfort of your bed directly impacts your sleep. It may not be explicit at first; however, the summit of the spring bed you used may have a huge impact on the consolation and backing you get while sleeping in bed. Selecting between a standard box spring vs low profile can give you the solution for a good night’s sleep.

Both low and standard box springs have pros and cons for the customer. The choice of a mattress depends on your condition and personal likings. A standard box spring bed has been the standard size for a long time and is about nine centimeters high. They are useful in many conditions and are a great choice for sleeping high on the floor. Another pros of the standard bed are that it fits a standard dust wheel.

The low-profile spring bed has the same construction; moreover, this height is around two to six cm lower than the standard box spring. It provides the same backing and comfort as a standard bed. A low bed frame is the right choice if you want to reduce the overall height of the bed. So without talking more, let’s check out the difference between standard vs low profile box springs.

Standard Vs Low Profile Box Spring

Standard Box Springs

Typically, a standard box spring is constructed with a 9-inch height that provides enough height for the bed from the base of the mattress. Traditional box springs may be made with boards attached to steel straps that soften the mattress mix to increase comfort and buoyancy to facilitate movement around the mattress. 

Other spring designs may include wire and wooden rods or steel mesh at the top of the frame. This process is perfect for heavy mattresses. The standard bed mattresses have a cover fabric that protects the inner mattress while providing a secure cushion for the mattress.


  • Mattress Height

Standard box spring may provide the required height for mattress level. This box spring is mainly useful for persons who want to rest on a bed at floor height due to cleanliness and personal preference. A raised mattress may make it easy for you to get in and out of bed, mainly for people who have trouble moving. If you are using a thinner mattress, a standard box spring is a good idea to increase the overall height of the bed.

  • Strong Support

A standard box spring provides strong backing for a mattress. It prevents the beds from becoming very soft or hard, which can happen if the mattress doesn’t fit right where it’s placed. To avoid the problem of shrinkage or to be too narrow, the easy-to-use spring also extends the range of your mattress, so you can enjoy top-of-the-line functionality for more than you’re used to without the spring. 

This sturdy box spring support will help protect your body from getting sick, especially when lying in bed for a long time. It can also help to maintain proper posture during sleep to avoid the trouble of more restful sleep.

  • Bounce for Easy Movement

The standard box spring construction helps keep the support layer working with little repair. The jumping mattress function can facilitate mobility. Without proper support, mattresses may feel like sharp sand interfering with normal movement, making people feel like they’re stuck in one place. Bouncing while you sleep can make other actions more enjoyable.


  • It Can Be Very Heavy.

The thicker or taller construction of standard box springs results in a heavy profile. If you put a bed somewhere in your room, then it is not a problem. However, if there is a chance that you will not be able to make a full bed several times over the next months, you may have a problem with heavy bowel movements. Placing a complete bed frame around the room can be tricky, mainly if you’re planning on getting the job done.

  • Can Make the Mattress Extremely Tall

A standard box spring can not be the right choice for all mattresses. Using a standard box across a thick mattress may make the whole bed appear too high. It may make it hard for you to take in or out of bed peacefully as it is a climbing duty that requires a lot of effort. For people with mobility or health problems, a higher bed may be painful or not impossible at all.

Low Profile Box Springs

Low-profile is a shorter or smaller edition of the standard box. With a top of 4 to 6 inches, it is a perfect companion for new mattress designs with a thicker or larger build. The outcome is a mattress that may lift off the ground, maintains its correct height without difficulty, and feels comfortable when taken out. Low-profile springs made of high-quality elements provide a solid base and high-quality springs, but the above options reduce the overall height of the bed.


  • Easy to Move

The thin construction of a low-profile box weighs less than a standard box, making it easier for you to move around the house when necessary, such as moving furniture and choosing a particular spot for a mattress. The bed is easier to move when using low-profile springs than a high-profile spring suitable for more than one person.

  • Easy to In and Out of Bed

Low-profile bed designs to hold the bed closer to the floor. With this low-profile design, you may get up from the bed without bending over and facing a lot of trouble. Get out of bed easily so that you don’t have to jump to hit the ground hard.

  • Suitable For Long Mattresses

Premium mattresses are now available in extended and durable designs. With such a thick mattress, a low-profile box works perfectly; as a result, it is a bed design with the perfect height for comfort and satisfaction. If you utilize a high-profile bed with high-rises, the surface area of ​​the mattress may become larger, and getting in and out of it can be a daunting daily task.

  • Creates The Mirage of Spaciousness

A lower profile bed setup may give the impression of open space. Without increasing the height, the house would be spacious and low cluttered. If space is limited, this feature may work well for you as a low-profile bed does nothing to extend the availability of beds in a room.


  • It Maybe Painful

The reduction in height due to low box beds is inconvenient for pregnant women, the elderly, and people with mobility disabilities. Bending down very low to get into bed may be difficult and even dismal for those who benefit most from a mattress setup that stays higher from the floor.

  • Offers Limited Movement Absorption

The thin body of the low-profile spring cannot give the strong pace absorption given by a usual box spring. This thin body makes it easier to recognize the movement of other people who sleep on another side of the mattress may cause sleep disturbances.

Comparison Table

Low Profile Box SpringStandard Box Spring
Heavier and firmEasy to transport and lighter
Provide support by adding heightProvide support without adding height
It is difficult to moveEasy to move and transport
It may tall for a set of mattressIt may weak for some


What is the standard height of a bed?

Although the low profile box spring is 5.5 inches or less, the average height can be between 6 and 8.5”, and the standard box spring can be 9” or more. The standard profile makes it easier to get in and out, while the low profile gives your room a soft, modern feel.

What do we mean by bunkie boards?

A Bunkie board is foam or plywood often placed under an old mattress to support the foam mattresses. Some boards are built of wood or particleboard.

A bunkie board is often used to support the bed, but a good alternative for sleepers placing your mattress on the ground.

Which Bed Frame Is Perfect for Me?

The bed base provides a strong aid system and ensures good sleep. If the mattress is firm, a mesh pillow will increase the strength of your bed. The base fits most levels, but the box spring works with the inner layer of the summer bed.

Before taking a new mattress, contact the mattress manufacturer listed. From the Twins to the King of California, the foundation and box springs are standard sizes.

Conclusive Discussion

The standard box spring and lower are made of the same material that provides strength and necessary support for the mattress. The main difference between these two types of box springs depends on the height of a few centimeters. For complete comfort, you can take a bed depending on your personal needs.

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