14 Simple And Small Bathroom Design Ideas You May Swear By

How do you envisage the relaxing moments you spend in the bathroom at day end? You can hardly miss the opportunity to pamper yourself in a beautiful bathtub. The road to creating a stunning small bathroom design may have several challenges. Your home may have the most pleasant design but the small bathroom bugs you all the time. Hold on, as you may have some of the most cherished designs in your small washroom.

Do you think that the bold ideas work for small shower rooms? You can discuss with the renovation companies in Vancouver your plans to recreate the washroom. It is worth compromising a few aspects to implement some super ideas to make the powder room to your specifications. Small bathrooms are trickier to get things right and pose several dilemmas due to a lack of space. Therefore, you need to work hard for the perfect layout and the décor. Check the ideas below to make your small bath incredibly bigger and stylish. No matter what size is your bathroom, you can get some inspirational ideas to turn it into the most pleasurable place to relax.

14 Simple And Small Bathroom Design Ideas








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  1. Distract with colors

With a tight space in the washroom, using colored bathtubs takes your eyes off the size. Colors act as focal points, so use them judiciously to make the area more fulfilling. Moreover, your cleaning task may also become easy. You can go for freestanding baths to save space.

  1. Work on the existing floor plan

Changing the washroom floor plan may extend the budget beyond your reach. Especially, moving the plumbing fixtures may create hassles. However, you can still get creative with renovation options. Reducing the tub size may help or you may opt for a trendy standing shower. A minimalistic approach is good to go when you have budget restrictions. Get rid of vanities in the washing area and see how things work effortlessly.

A beautiful bathroom may not require complete reconstruction. You may avoid going over again and make small changes instead. Changing the wall color or getting rid of old fixtures may be equally effective.

  1. Using shower curtain

For small spaces, using a shower curtain is more effective than an enclosure. Besides, you may explore a combination of shower and tub that may accommodate even when there is a lack of space. Remember to measure the fixture before buying.

  1. Changing the wallpaper pattern

If your bathing area has wallpapers, you may change the texture and go for large patterns. Large designs and patterns appeal to the eyes and make the area bigger. You may change the wallpaper every season to alter the look of the bathroom.

  1. Ventilate the area

If you are already into home renovations Vancouver, seek the opportunity of changing the washroom as well. But do not waste money with wrong planning. Mold and mildew may ruin small and big washrooms equally, so make your take on ventilation strong and work on it.

  1. Adding mirrors on the walls

Mirrors reflect the vision and enhance the size of a place. You are aware of it, right? Why not use the same principle when remodeling a small bathroom? Make your narrow bath look bigger and allow the glass to reflect light for better visibility.

  1. Using wall-mounted toilet

When you have to remodel in a restricted space, get the most out of wall fixtures. Try mounting the toilet on the wall. That way, you will have more space on the floor. Similarly, add the storage shelves above the water closet and see how it works for a narrow area.

  1. Matching the wall and floor tiles

Creating a comprehensive look in the bathing area makes it stylish. If you want to know the trick, try to match the floor and wall tiles and aim for a continuous and consistent look. Go for light-colored tiles as they reflect more light, yet makes the area larger. Moreover, you can create an extravagant look as well.

  1. Using pocket doors

When designing a user-friendly small bathroom, installing a pocket door is a nice option. It allows you to place the fixtures and provide a lot more usable space.

  1. Adding an accent wall

An accent wall is one of the favorite additions to look for when designing small washrooms. For narrow spaces, you may have this wall on the back to create more depth in the room and yet retain its attractiveness.

  1. Get the most out of the wall space

With small bathrooms, where a shortage of space interferes with your wishlist, getting the most out of the wall space is one way of sorting things. For instance, you can place the shower over the bath and fix the towel hanger on the opposite wall for easy reach.

  1. Make the wall life-like

Do you think that only bathroom vanities spell luxury in your shower room? Well! Get ahead of the usual thinking and try to go green. Not only will the wall appear life-like but give you the opportunity of changing the foliage more often. Besides, it may become a distinct feature of your bathroom. What’s more, it is easy to maintain a living wall.

  1. Create a neat storage space

If you want to create more storage space in a small bathroom without disturbing the layout, a customized storage cart may help. Make sure it has wheels to help you move it across the bathroom. Try to look for folded carts to keep it away below the sink when not in use.

  1. Positioning the tap

When trying to achieve a luxurious feel in a small bathroom, do not restrict yourself. You may opt for a small basin but position the tap sideways to get more space. However, you may need to change the shape of the sink to match it with a tap installed on the side.

You may implement these tricks to make the smallest of spaces look bigger and retain the stylistic aspects. The custom home building ideas take a new turn with creatively-designed small bathrooms.

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