Seven Signs You Need to Replace the Restaurant Grease Trap

Do you know the un-applauded hero of your restaurant kitchen? It’s undoubtedly the grease trap. It may stay out of sight but it’s the winner when it comes to preventing those nasty kitchen smells. This plumbing device plays a key role in preventing wastewater from entering the sewage system. It also keeps the plumbing system sound. Regular cleaning is necessary to keep a check on its functioning. But the restaurant owners often go out of track with the schedules. Most of the owners sneak into the system only when the wastewater flows back or the kitchen stinks badly. Do you own an eatery with a grease collector installed? Is an overflowing kitchen giving you a hard time? Well, maybe it’s time you think about replacing the device. Most often, malfunctioning of the plumbing devices occurs due to negligence. But you need to recognize the warning signs at first and hire a grease trap service near me for cleaning.  Here are a few signs you need to watch.

Seven Signs You Need to Replace the Restaurant Grease Trap:

1. Check for holes

Are you the one to empty the plumbing device regularly? If the answer is no, you must get to it immediately or at least check for the presence of holes in the device. The food particles release hydrogen sulfur gas and eventually turn into sulphuric acid. So, not emptying it for long may result in corrosion and cause holes in the exterior. A hole in the device ruins the basic function of collecting grease and oils. The smallest of holes takes little time to turn big. So, try looking for a replacement.

2. Clogged pipes and lack of cleaning

Have you noticed a slow drainage process in your commercial kitchen lately? It may be the first of an uncleansed grease collector. Just check on the device to find whether it is still good for cleaning or needs to be replaced. If needed, talk to reputed companies like Greaseco which installs grease traps for commercial kitchens. Reach out to them and have your device installed easily. If your restaurant offers greasy and oily food, staying updated with cleaning is the way to maintain the trapping device for fats and oils. Try to schedule a cleaning every three months to avoid replacing it more often.

3. Plastic or metal trap

What is the grease trapping device in your restaurant made from? The conventional devices are made from metal. Quite naturally, they are more susceptible to rust and corrosion. Typically, metal devices last up to seven years. So, you may consult the experts for replacement if your device is that old. But if you have a plastic device, they may last longer. Therefore, you may save money for a replacement.

4. Bad odor

grease trap clean

Is your restaurant kitchen smelly, but you are yet to discover the source? Have you checked the schedule for restaurant grease trap cleaning? A few missed schedules may mean a heavy and dysfunctional grease collecting device. The food particles that enter the pipe along with the grease and fats may block the ducts badly. Don’t let the customers feel bad and uncomfortable. Smells indicate that your cleaning schedule is due past and the chances for a replacement cannot be ruled out. Call the experts today and find out the real cause of the smell.

5. Pumping the device

Does your grease collector require pumping frequently? Has the effectiveness of the device reduced over time? Both situations may mean that the interceptor requires replacement. If you are not regular with the cleaning schedules every three months, you better get a new one. Cleaning the plumbing device also depends on the usage. So, if your restaurant runs for long hours and seven days a week, you must take stock of the situation.

6. Lack of maintenance

The grease interceptor functions adequately only when it is cared for and undergoes regular maintenance. If you leave it to accumulate the solid food particles for months, problems will arise. Often, the condition of the devices is out of the scope of repair. Why don’t you ask for the experts’ opinions? Find out what the reasons are for replacement? A professional inspection may bring out the cause of problems and decide whether the device needs cleaning.

7. Frequent overflows in the kitchen

Have you noticed frequent overflows in the kitchen? It may take place more often if you fail to take proper measures. The experts may need to come to diagnose the problem and suggest if replacing it is a better decision.

8. Designed with the old technology

If the plumbing interceptor you have been using is designed with the old technology, you may be up for getting a device, which is new and more effective. A metal interceptor may last for about seven years and become prone to corrosion and rusting soon after. So, when replacing it, you might look for ones that are made from plastic or fiberglass. Start searching for some of the newer devices and know their features and functionalities before you buy.

9. Using excessive oil in the food items

grease trap 9

Do you sell deep-fried food items in your restaurant but are not on top when it comes to maintaining the fat collector? You must clean the device once in three months. But if you have missed several cleaning schedules and the grease collector is already showing signs of malfunctioning, it may be time you check the level of deterioration. If the device’s condition is beyond cleaning, it’s time you think about replacing it.

Installation of the grease trap:

Once you are through with the signs that indicate the replacement of the grease collector, it’s time to sneak into the job’s installation. The chances are that a faulty installation method or applying unprofessional techniques may interfere with its functioning. Typically, the interceptor needs to be aligned with the plumbing system. But if you failed to watch for the flaws during installation, it’s hard to prevent a deterioration of the device. The improper installation also indicates that the fats, solid food particles, and oils may enter the sewage system. Even if there is no major sign of malfunctioning, you need to check the condition of the device if it has not been installed by a reputed company.

Several factors may require the replacement of the grease trapping device in your commercial kitchen. It’s time you give serious thought to restaurant grease trap cleaning to avoid replacing it more often.