Seven Plumbing Emergencies That Need a Professional Plumber

Owning a property comes with several advantages. You can have utilities installed in your residence or commercial space as per your convenience. One such utility is plumbing. You can have a well-planned plumbing network established across your property. However, plumbing issues can appear anytime, and if it’s an emergency, then you need a trustworthy plumber in Sydenham to help resolve it.

Read on to find out the most common plumbing emergencies found in properties and what to do in those situations.

Seven Common Plumbing Annoyances

Plumbing emergencies can be the root cause of a person’s inconvenience. If not dealt with early on, they can not only frustrate you but also weaken the structural integrity of your property.

Here are some plumbing situations that can catch you by surprise at any time of the day:

1. Overflowing toilet

This is one of the most dreaded situations anyone can face. An overflowing toilet can create a mess and afflict severe damage to your flooring. If your toilet starts to overflow, the first course of action should be to turn off the water supply to the toilet.

Most toilets have a supply line with a valve. Closing the valve should be the first step. If that does not work, you should turn off the water supply for the house. Then, you can try unclogging using a plunger. If the overflow is not stopped even after shutting off the water supply or you cannot fix the problem yourself, it’s best to contact a professional plumber in Sydenham.

2. Clogged drain

Not seeing dirty water go down the drain is one of the unsightly things in life. A clogged shower or sink drain can be caused by many things, with hair being the primary factor. You can try unclogging the drain yourself first with a plunger or chemical cleaner. If these two solutions still leave the drain clogged, calling your nearest certified plumber is the best option.

3. No hot water

In areas like London, winter can be extreme. Nobody can survive the chilling environment without hot water. This makes boilers an essential piece of equipment for residential and commercial properties. If you’re not getting any hot water, there must be some fault with the boiler.

Your boiler can be of two types – electric or gas-powered. You can check if the boiler has any loose wires or a loose or leaky pipe connection for the gas supply. You can also adjust the thermostat to restore hot water. If nothing works, best ring up a Gas Safe certified engineer or plumber.

4. A water leak or pipe burst

Featuring as a consistent plumbing issue in several homes and offices, an unchecked water leak or pipe burst can lead to structural damage in addition to wood rotting and the growth of fungi.

When you notice any water collection, clean it up and see if it gets collected again. If it does, you can look for the source of the leak. If it’s a small leak that can be fixed with a spare part, try replacing it. Call a plumber in Sydenham in case this does not do the trick or there is a major pipe burst.

5. Reduced or no water pressure

There can be several factors behind experiencing a reduction in water pressure or getting no pressure at all, such as a burst or leaky pipes, faulty valves, clogged or frozen pipes, etc. You can try to find the reason behind the problem, and if it’s a minor one, you can attempt to remedy it. However, if it requires expert assistance, seek the help of a plumbing specialist.

6. Sewer blockage

Dirty smells in the toilet or kitchen can point toward a blockage in the sewer line. If you have tried out all you can to unclog your drains and still don’t see your water draining, it’s likely due to a blockage in your sewer network that has built up pressure in the line. You can either remove the cap of the sewer cleanout line to release the pressure or call a professional plumber to resolve the sewer backup issue.

7. Repairing faulty gas lines

Minerals in the gas being supplied to your property can lead to deposits in the pipes or hoses carrying the gas. This can lead to potentially dangerous problems like gas leaks, gunk buildup, etc. Not paying attention or procrastinating on the resolution can result in carbon monoxide leaks or explosions in extreme cases. You can rely on a plumber from a Gas Safe certified agency as many of them are also trained to effectively solve gas-related issues as well and save your life and those of your loved ones.

How to Decide Which Plumber to Call for Help in Emergencies?

Since plenty of agencies claim to be the best, customers may find it difficult to place their finger on a good plumbing agency that delivers reliable services. However, keeping the following factors in mind can make your choice-making process easier:

  • The engineers should be Gas Safe certified.
  • They should have several testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • They should have a high rate of success regarding plumbing issues.
  • They should provide upfront and fixed price quotes.
  • They should be able to provide a plumbing specialist within an hour to any location in London.

Select the plumber in Sydenham based on these metrics, and you’ll have a long-lasting and swift resolution to all your plumbing issues.