6 Places For Placing The Wine Cellar At Home

Are you a wine enthusiast and prefer enjoying your drink at home? A wine cellar may be the thing you need to get. But one of the biggest problems you may face when creating the storage is fumbling for the best location. To enjoy your drink to the fullest, you need to scout each part of your home carefully. Your habitat may be as big as a castle but not every part is ideal for storing wine. Not placing the storage in the right location may destroy its charisma and grandeur. What are the probable locations to place the storage cabinet? Let’s get started with some of the places where you place home wine cellars with ease.

1. Living area

Your home may or may not have a basement but it will have a living area, whether big or small. So, you can place the cellar in one corner of the living room and get creative with the décor. For a living area with a lack of space, a wall mounted wine rack may work. You may step up a bit and enclose the storage space with glass, turning it into a wine storage wall. Placing the storage on the wall not just saves space but creates a striking element for onlookers.

2. Basement for storing wine

If your home has a basement, you may enjoy your drink here away from the high-traffic areas of the home. Wines require dark and cool places to last for years. So, the basement creates the right opportunity. The humidity level is higher in the basement, so it aids natural preservation.

3. Below the stairs

For double-storied homes, the area below the stairs may be one of the probable locations to choose. Typically, homeowners use this part for storing scrap. So, why not make it more utilitarian? The cabinet maker may suggest some amazing ideas for transforming the smallest of spaces. Moreover, you can easily store a wine fridge in this location. If you love to invite friends over for a drink every weekend, the area below the stairs may turn into an entertainment area.

4. Dining area

For those who want to enjoy their drink with the family, the dining area can be an interesting place to look for installing some unique cellar cabinets. But the area should have more space for you to focus on an entire wall. You can drink your wine and dine in the same place and let your creative juices flow to perk up the design and décor of the dining area.

5. Hallway

Get a bit more innovative and think about the hallway as one of the places to use for storing wine. The dark and cool spots serve the best opportunity for wine storage. So, start planning for showcasing the cellar as the focal point. How about installing a wrought iron wine rack to showcase your precious collection in the hallway? If it is a high-traffic spot in your home, the wrought iron is not prone to much wear and tear.

6. Using an unused room

Does your home have a couple of unused rooms? The chances are that one of them may have all the crap collected over the years. Before it turns into a haven for the pests and insects, why don’t you turn it into a space for storing wine? If you get a full room and have money to invest, there is a lot you can do to change the aesthetics. So, apply some outstanding décor options and make it an area where you will enjoy your drink to the fullest.

Create a wine bar at home:

A wine cellar not just aids your love for this drink but provides an opportunity to create a full-fledged wine bar. For an area with adequate square footage, you may operate a bar as well. Make sure you have a nicely-designed parking space to attract more visitors.

How many bottles to store:

You are ready with the blueprint of the cellar design but do you know how many bottles it should accommodate? It depends on how big the space is to a great extent. Besides, the way you store the bottles is another consideration you must not miss. For long-term storage, you may choose a space where a consistent temperature and humidity level keep the wine intact.

Space and furniture:

If your home has adequate space for constructing the storage space, you can have your thing designed by an expert. But do not make it too large. The cellar should have maximum visibility as an aesthetic item. Moreover, you need to align the furniture items in the rea with the cabinet design. Try to look for furniture items with different configurations.

Thinking out of the box is the way to get past the monotonous designs and create a bold statement.