How To Wash Bamboo Sheets – Easy Solutions

Bamboo sheets come with an incredibly soft feature as well as luxurious also. Due to its soft feature, people like to stay in bed for a long time. 

If you want to ensure multiple nights of sound sleep in one bamboo sheet, you need to be careful about the wash bamboo sheet. This article will let you know how to wash bamboo sheets, so stay tuned. 

How to Wash Bamboo Sheets?

In summer, the recommended washing time of bed linen is every 7-10 days. Nevertheless, in winter, the recommended washing time is every two weeks.

However, you can wash your bamboo sheet in the machine at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. Besides, a mild detergent and a gentle cycle are best to use while washing bamboo sheets. 

Keep in mind that always try to wash the sheet separately to avoid sharp objects like zippers.  

Bamboo Sheets Washing Instructions

As I have said, you need to be careful about washing the bamboo sheet to ensure many nights of sound sleep in one bamboo sheet. Here are some instructions that you should keep in mind during washing bamboo sheets

  • First, try to clean the bamboo sheet in cold water on a gentle cycle and at 30C max. 
  • After that, to avoid abrasion and pilling, you have to wash the bedding separately from hooks, zippers, etc. Moreover, if you don’t like super linty sheets, you can avoid washing the sheet with blankets or towels. 
  • Now, take a detergent having a mild, liquid, and biodegradable feature. Alternatively, if you like power, you have to make sure that the powder has dissolved before adding the sheet. 

Note: Don’t use Fabric softener, Bleach, Dryer sheets, Chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, and chlorine.

  • If you want white bamboo sheets, you can try lyocell stain removal and eco-friendly laundry pre-soak.
  • The last point should keep in mind that, don’t use fabric softener with bamboo sheets because it is already soft. 

Best Detergent for Bamboo Sheets

Hopefully, the best detergent for white sheets will be one of the seeking questions when you are searching for how to wash bamboo sheets.

Well, as to notify you, the detergent we use every day often contains bleaches, optical brighteners, harsh stain removers, and chlorine. These ingredients can discolor the fabrics or leave marks on the sheets. 

So, a wool wash will be best for your bamboo sheet, and the Earth Choice Wool & Delicates Wash will be your suggested detergent. 

This detergent uses natural eucalyptus oil that will leave your sheet fresh, soft, and clean. 

How to Get Body Stains Out of Sheets?

Naturally, our bed sheet gets body stains over time, and if you want to wipe out that, you will find how to get body stains out of the sheet. 

  • First, take a bucket with a cover and fill it with hot water
  • Now, add one scoop of borax or oxygen bleach with the water. After that, you have to submerge the bedsheets in the water.
  • Next, agitate the submerged sheet 3-4 times with your hand throughout the entire soaking process. 
  • Now, leave that sheets based on the appearance of the color of the stain. 
  • After that, take the sheet and leave the water.
  • Now, use your regular detergent and wash it in the washing machine.

Why Do My Bed Sheets Turn Yellow?

Who doesn’t want to keep his white bamboo sheets clean as well as white? The yellow stain on the white sheet is one of the problems that retard us to keep it white. 

So, what will be the cause of this problem? Usually, some ingredients make Bed Sheets turn yellow over time, such as:

  • Skin oil
  • Sweat
  • Body lotions
  • Bodily fluids
  • Other topical skin products

How to Get Ink Out of Bed Sheets?

Here we enlist the steps to get ink out of bedsheets. 

  1. To begin with, hand wash with regular detergent or soap as soon as possible.
  2. Now, you have to wash correctly with running water
  3. After that, you need to press the fabric between two absorbent cloths, paper towels, or stacks of napkins to blot the remaining ink. 
  4. Afterward, take 1 teaspoon of ammonia and dissolve it in warm water. 
  5. Now, soak the bedsheets in the solution for 1 hour. 
  6. Finally, if you need, you can repeat the 1 & 2 steps and scrub with a soft brush.

How to Wash Sheets for the First Time?

The manufacturer generally adds chemicals with a new sheet during manufacture. These chemicals are used to prevent them from feeling soft. 

However, if you use detergent in your new sheets wash, the detergent will lock in those chemicals. After that, you will feel a little harsh on that sheet. Here washing the bamboo sheet with 236 milliliters of baking soda will be the solution. Next, you need to add 236 milliliters or one cup of white vinegar during the rinse cycle. If you wash with those ingredients for the first time, you can use regular detergent afterward. 


Do you wash sheets in hot or cold water?

When you wash your sheets with hot water (130 to 140F), all the dust mites in the bedding will kill. If you use warm water to wash, it will kill only 6% of the dust mites. If you have an allergic problem, it will be wise to use hot water in washing. 

Bed sheets wash temperature.

Naturally, our bed sheet contains lots of bacteria. So, to kill that, the perfect bed sheets wash temperature is 60 ° or above. Below that temperature, bacteria from the sheets wouldn’t die.

Do you need to wash new sheets?

Even though you don’t find any label with first time washing instructions, you should wash it. As I have said, the manufacturer adds chemicals while making the sheet so, it will be wise to wash to remove those chemicals. 

Can bamboo sheets be washed in hot water?

For the bamboo sheets, the recommended water is cold. If you use hot water during washing, the bamboo sheets will shrink. So, for your sheets good, try to use cold water at all cost

Can you put 100 cottons in the dryer?

Cotton a natural fiber, this is one of the popular ingredients used to make clothing materials. If you put your 100% cotton cloth in the dryer, it will shrink. 

Final Thought

Surprisingly, the organic bamboo bed sheet is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, softer, and durable than other sheets. Moreover, this sheet is good for the person having an allergy problem. 

So, if you have one of these, hopefully, you can enjoy a blissful sleep. But, here you need to know how to wash bamboo sheets properly. Hopefully, we can deliver all details on washing bamboo sheets.