How To Know If A Mattress Is Causing Back Pain

Oops! Back pain! It seems really panicky to hear. You may suffer from back pain for different reasons. One of the most unexpected reasons that can cause pain in your back is your mattress. But is your mattress causing back pain? If the answer is yes, then how to know if the mattress is causing back pain?

Discovering the truth of mattress that it cause back pain or not:

  • According to the researchers at UCLA Medical, having a mattress too firm or too soft can cause severe back pain, especially in the morning.
  • It is advisable to change the mattress nearly every 8 years. A bed that is older enough is wear and tear that fails to give you enough support while sleeping. According to expert chiropractors, an older mattress with less support can lead to back pain.
  • A bed mattress can limit your movement while sleeping, and in turn, this may keep you turning and tossing on your bed. Without having a sound sleep could be a significant reason that can cause back pain.
  • If you find an indentation in your mattress, then sleeping on that can develop back pain. The mattress indentation problem can affect hip and spine flexibility, which causes pain in your back. Here is the full guide on How To Fix Mattress Indentation
  • Having a mattress is relatively flat, and unforgiving could be a sign that can cause back pain.

Experts’ research and suggestions:

Some studies found that around fifty-six percent (56%) of people suffer from less back pain due to sleeping on a medium-to-firm bed than a softer bed. Usually, you shouldn’t sleep on an older bed. The average life of a mattress should be 8-10 years. Though your mattress seems supportive for a long time, once you feel pain, it is time to change it.

How can I stop my mattress from hurting my back?

Let’s talk about some quick solutions that can give you relief from back pain in the mattress.

  • Practicing doctors’ recommended exercises and maintain a healthy diet chart could reduce the pain in your back on the mattress.
  • Choose an adjustable base to place under your bed.
  • You can take the help of a pillow to keep your spine at a level.
  • Go for a best mattress topper that can give pressure relief.

The bottom line:

Having the right mattress is highly supportive of your spine. But you wake up in the morning and experiencing pain in your back, and then probably you have a mattress problem.

Besides, we’ve discussed some more reasons that help you know how to tell if your mattress causes back pain. In that case, investing in a new bed could be the ideal solution. I hope you have a sound sleep on your mattress without having back pain. Bye.

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