How to Avoid the Sliding of a Mattress Topper?

 A Mattress topper is an extra layer used on top of the mattress to keep off from sliding. It doesn’t harden your mattress but keeps it soft and provides firmness to stay in place. You can get extra cushioning, comfort which will make you comfortable to have a quality sleep.

Different types of mattress toppers are available in the market. Some mattress toppers can help you to reduce shoulder pain or even hip pain. Besides that, you can cover up lumps or tears and wear them by using a topper. Sometimes, your mattress topper keeps slipping as it becomes old or so used up that there is no friction left. But if your mattress topper keeps on sliding off, you may think of a way to keep it in position. 

Check out the reasons why the mattress topper is sliding

1) Because of no headboard and no footboard,

2) The mattress cover is smooth

3) Need of a bed frame,

4) If the topper is not the exact size of the bed,

5) The mattress is too old, and a new one is due,

6) The mattress is two-sided meaning, you can use both sides,

7) Children enjoy too much time on the bed, which causes a mattress to shift.

If you want to fix the mattress topper that keeps sliding off, then there are ways to do so

1) Increase the friction using Velcro or non-slip mats.

2) You can use a headboard and footboard to keep the mattress topper from sliding off.

Using the footboard or headboard can act as a stopper if used as a good match for the mattress.

Here are some more tips to fix the mattress topper that keeps sliding off. You can use duct tape, pins, Velcro, or non-skid mats. 

Moreover, you can use tight-fitting mattress topper sheets or mattress toppers with straps so that the topper would be in place.

There are some tips and tricks to keep the mattress topper from falling off.

Helpful Tips to Fix a Mattress Topper That Keeps Sliding Off or get a non-slip mattress topper.

You can use sheet straps.

Tightly fitted bed sheets cannot keep the toppers in place. If you are a restless sleeper, then it will be a significant problem. It is wise if you use suspenders or straps to hold out the mattress topper. The fitter mattress topper will provide an excellent demand for sleep.

Safety pins

You use safety pins to keep clothes strictly fixed in one place. Just like that, you can fix the topper by attaching big safety pins. Using a safety pin is a cheap but good way to keep the mattress topper from sliding off. Protected safety pins don’t harm your mattress or topper and will keep the topper in place.

Hook and loop  

Velcro is a popular Thing, available in craft shops. You can order it from online shops too. Use some strips on the bed mattress; you may need more to attach them to the middle and corners. Set them in their appropriate place so that the hooks meet the loops properly. If they don’t match, then it will be a failure. But when they fit correctly, a huge benefit is it, as this will help the topper avoid falling. There are rug tapes, but Velcro tape is the best.

Rubber mat

Rubber has the natural power of grasping. It is an ideal material for maintaining mattress fixing. Besides, it is economical. The things you will need are nothing special, only.

A thin yoga mats, or a soft welcome mat, shelf liner, non-skid rubber room rugs. (any one of those will do.)

Use any of these in between your mattress and the topper. Be sure not to have any lumps on the bed. Some of these may have adhesive tapes; use the tape to keep the topper off from sliding.

No skid Mats

Most of the time, non-skid mats are used in bathtubs or on slippery surfaces. Keep the mattress properly and use the topper over the non-skid mat. Also, watch out for the non-skid mat to have more surface to maintain the bed. It is easier if you keep your topper pinned as the human sleeping habit is not so disciplined.

Cotton or Polyester Pad

As the mattress is thick and slick, it is easy for the topper to slide off. Put a polyester or a cotton pad between the topper and the bed; then, the topper will not slide away. Keeping the cotton pad will put gaps that will stop touching the slick mattress. Thus, it will be easy to keep the mattress topper from sliding.

Carpet tape

Available at home, the double-sided carpet tape can be used. The carpet tape can be attached to the frame of the bed. Or can be used at the edges of the mattress.

Duct tape

Duct tapes are used to hold things together. So, duct tape can be used to keep your mattress and the topper together. Would you please not use spray or liquid adhesives?

Vacuum under the mattress 

Are you surprised? It is a weird suggestion! But true, as if you check underneath your mattress, you will see a lot of debris, bread-crumbs, dust, and whatnot between the mattress and the bed frame. Clean the bottom thoroughly and see how your mattress gets better! Do the same as outside as inside, in a couple of weeks and get a good result.

Mattress upgrade

The last straw is your mattress has become an old piece. It is time to get a new mattress with a better topper. Now you can get a better bed with more benefits. So, make sure to buy the one that matches your demand.


Does a mattress topper go under the mattress pad?

The mattress topper must go under the mattress pad.

Do mattress toppers help?

Yes, mattress toppers help you to keep cozy and comfortable while sleeping. It also helps your mattress to get more life.

 Can you sleep on a mattress topper on the floor?

 Yes, you can sleep on a mattress topper on the floor, but you will not feel comfortable, and the topper must be thick.

Life itself is divided into day and night, to work and to sleep. To sleep is a must and to have a deep comfortable, sound sleep is a must. To get the best sleep, you must keep the mattress topper from sliding so, use a way to get a great, sound sleep.

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