How to Fix Mattress Indentation (3 Easy Method)

Do you have a bed that enables you to feel like you are resting in a hammock? Or do you have a bed that keeps you awake for the whole night? If so, I’m pretty sure that you’ve got a saggy mattress or mattress indentation issue. No worries!!! Today we’ll talk about “how to fix mattress indentation.

Having a bed like this can cause problems like back, hip, or sciatica pain as well. Though you toss and turn all night, you can’t enjoy a refreshed and rested night’s sleep and wake up without fixing this issue. But the question may arise in your mind, how to fix mattress indentation or how to fix dip or sagging problem in a bed?

In this article, we’ll show you how you can fix a sagging mattress or mattress indentation problem that reduces the discomfort all over your body. It’s undoubtedly inexpensive and super easier to do, so let’s have a try!!

What Causes Mattress Indentations?

You may notice the sagging or indentation problem in the shoulder and hip areas of the mattress. Memory foam, polyfoam, and coil spring mattresses may make more indentation than other mattress materials.

Sagging in your mattress may spoil your night’s sleep and physical health. Let’s take a look at some possible reasons for mattress indentation.

Reasons of mattress indentationMattress aging or long time use of the mattress
Poor/wrong foundation
Uneven pressure/weight distribution
Lack of proper maintenance of the mattress

How To Fix Mattress Indentation?

There are several ways to fix mattress indentation problems. Let’s take a look at some easy and inexpensive ways to fix this problem.

Method 1 (use a pillow below the dipping area):

Let’s start with the most temporary solution for fixing mattress indentation. If you have a mattress with a hollow in the middle, you can put a pillow below the dipping or hollow area.

Pillow top mattress indentation fix: Steps to follow

  • Step 1: First of all, find out the saggy areas on your mattress.
  • Step 2: Then, try to measure the sag or dip to get the idea that may help you to fix the issue fast.
  • Step 3: Once you have the measurement, buy the small pillows (one or two according to the measurement).
  • Step 4: Put the pillows below the sagging areas of the mattress.
  • Step 5: Put a little pressure by sitting on the marked areas with pillows to level out any bumps on the mattress.

Method 2 (Rotating the Mattress):

Sleep in the same area every night can cause sagging or indentation in the mattress. Flipping the mattress could be a better solution to prevent this problem.

How to flip the mattress: lumpy mattress solutions

  • Step 1: Hold the mattress and flip it.
    [The lower part is moving up].
  • Step 2: Now, rotate the mattress 180 degrees.
  • Step 3: Ensure that the head side of the mattress goes to the toe area. Now the sagging area of the mattress goes to the end-point.

Method 3 (Use slats underneath the box rings):

Installing a slat underneath the sagging area could be a great support for fixing a mattress indentation. Let’s see the process you need to follow.

  • Step 1: First of all, you need to remove the mattress from the bed as you can see the frame.
  • Step 2: Cut the existing board after measuring it with 1 by 4 pieces of the slat.
  • Step 3: Put each of the slats into the frame evenly along with the mattress.
  • Step 4: Once you complete the process, replace the mattress to remove the sagging problem.

Fix mattress indentation – Some additional hacks

Hack 1: Use a mattress topperHaving a mattress topper works superbly to adjust and remove the sagging of the mattress.

But it would help if you chose comparatively a thicker topper to fill in the sag or indentation gap to have a more even sleep surface.

 Usually, having 2-5 inches of the thick topper is suitable for covering sagging issues.

Common topper materials to solve indentation in hip area:
·         Wool
·         Latex
·         Convoluted polyfoam
·         Memory foam and
·         Down/feathers
Hack 2: Choose a new foundationHaving an incomplete foundation with insufficient legs can cause sagging in your mattress, especially for larger or queen sizes.  
So, ensure that you have foundations with at least 6 legs, including a middle support leg. Slats with 3 inches of the gap can cause the mattress to sag.
Note: Ensure that you buy a mattress with a warranty for certain guidelines.
Hack 3: File a warranty claimFinally, if the above-mentioned tricks don’t solve the sagging problem, our suggestion is to fill up the warranty claim, which could be the best option.
Note: Please contact the company to initiate the case and go along as conducted.
  1. Why does my mattress have a hump in the middle?

    After having prolonged use of the mattress, you may have a hump in the middle. You may find the left and right side of the mattress is condensed, which results in a hump or curve in the middle.

  2. How do you fix a dip in a memory foam mattress?

    Here are the top easy 5 steps to fix spring mattress indentation.

    Changing the sleeping position.
    Using mattress topper.
    Using some sheets of Plywood.
    Taking the help of small pillows and
    Buying a new memory foam mattress

  3. Why is there a dip in my mattress?

    You may find a dip in your mattress in 2 or 3 areas. Usually, it is occurred by a few facts. If you sleep in a spooning position, you may have to sag in your mattress (in the middle).


There you have the entire process of how to fix mattress indentation easily and effortlessly. We hope you can solve the indentation problem on your own at home without any hassle.

However, if you think you can’t solve that issue or haven’t enough time to solve the sagging issue, you may take the professionals’ help.

Thanks for staying with us. Have you followed any of the methods and solutions mentioned above? If yes, please don’t forget to share your experience by leaving a comment below.

Solve the sagging problem and enjoy a refreshed night’s sleep.