How To Fix A Sagging Pillow Top Mattress?

If you stay in a verdant hotel for one night, you may have slept on a comfortable, soft, and plush pillow top mattress. This pillow mattress can make you feel like lying on the cloud. The lavish coating provides an elegant feeling when you lie down Moreover, it gives a relaxed feel to the backbone, and you can use it at home. 

However, the users may experience some problems after using it for several days. Sagging is one of the significant problems for users. This article focuses on the reasons for sagging and how to fix a sagging pillow top mattress

Why Do Mattresses Sag?

There are different reasons for mattress sagging. We have discussed the most common causes of why pillow-top mattresses sag.

Inferior Material

The durability of a mattress depends on the material used to produce it. The bed with low-quality materials may sag in the middle after using some days. Many manufacturers use wood and cheap materials inside to reduce the production cost and increase their profits. 

Poor Foundation

The premature sagging of the mattresses is a common phenomenon. Poor design or foundation is the main culprit for this problem. This foundation or structure supports the whole system that prevents sinking or sagging of the mattresses. 

Therefore, when you purchase a mattress, you should check the specifications, especially its warranty, material, and foundation. It may help you to buy the most suitable bed that will not sag quickly. 

Liquid Penetration or Soiling

Any liquid can damage your mattress’ upholstery. Therefore, the top layers will compress, and the bed may sag. 

However, manufacturers will negate the warranty. In this case, use a waterproof protector of a mattress, which will be a wise deal. These protectors are simple to use and wash. Moreover, the protector may protect the bed from several accidents. 

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How To Fix A Sagging Mattress With Plywood?

Despite old age and broken springs of the mattress, you can increase its lifespan using plywood. Put a board made of plywood below the broken bed to increase its strength. Use the plywood under mattress only in case of sagging. 

Remove the protector and sheets to apply plywood. Check the mattress to find out the place of sagging. After that, compare the firmness by lying in some areas on it.  

Moreover, if you cannot trace the sag, find the gap where the mattress has lost its level. For this, use a rod or ruler on its surface. The area where people sleep most loses its smoothness. If you can identify the sagging area, you can apply plywood.

Using plywood is the best sagging mattress solution. There are some steps on how to apply plywood. They are here, 

Take Measurements

Firstly, measure the basement of your mattress. Then, check whether your plywood fits in it or not. If it does not work, cut it according to the dimension. The BC or AB soft plywood is the most suitable in this case. 

Placement of the plywood

First, lift your mattress and expose the spring frame. Then, do the placement of the plywood sheet and let it fit.

Test the mattress

If you want to test your mattress:

  • Place it on plywood.
  • Justify its movement and comfort.
  • Check if it has any sound of scratching or bending.

No sound means its placement is correct.

Moreover, you may see that the sagging of the mattress may have disappeared at that time. Thus you can fix bed with the sagging problem. 

These are the ways of how to fix a sagging pillow top mattress. Follow them to keep your bed in better condition.

Will a mattress topper help a sagging mattress

Generally, people do not have enough idea about how to fix a sagging pillow top mattress. When a bed sags, it becomes uncomfortable to use. Using a topper in the mattress is a solution.

A mattress topper may allow you a comfortable and sound sleep despite having sagging. However, the toppers are simple and easy to use. Just place them on your bed-top and get an extra layer on your sagged mattress. 

You can buy the mattress topper individually. The mattresses are of latex, foam, or feathers. However, materials with high density are best in this case. 

A suitable topper lessens the sagging effect by a comfortable sleeping surface. Eventually, these toppers have become more popular nowadays. People like to buy them with superior mattresses to have a comfortable and cozy sleeping. 

Besides, the toppers may not fix the sagging of the mattress but will improve the comfort and mattress edge support.


How will we fix a sagging mattress?

You may rotate the pillow-top mattress frequently, use a topper, and buy a new base. Moreover, you can add plywood to provide plywood bed support and a pillow in the sagging spots to support this area. 

Can we make a pillow-top mattress firmer by flipping it? 

For the pillow-top mattress, you have to lie on its cushioned side. Therefore, you may not flip it. The highest side will be at the top. 

Besides, the two-sided mattresses do not have any problems flipping as their lowest surface resembles the highest outward. 

Why does my pillow-top mattress sink in the middle?

Sometimes, you may see that your pillow-top mattress sinks at the center part. Insufficient central support may cause this problem in the middle. 

The thicker mattresses generally face this problem after using them for a few days. Moreover, the coil springs also become weak after some days and cannot spring back to their normal position. 

Final word

Sagging is a significant problem when you use a mattress for sleeping. This article has focused on the reasons for sinking and how to fix a sagging pillow top mattress

Generally, the pillow-top mattress is better than a regular flat mattress to relieve the pressure point on the spine. However, if the pillow top mattress sag may also cause severe spinal pain that will hamper your daily life. 

Try to buy mattresses from renowned manufacturers to ensure the best quality of this product. Moreover, change your position and area of sleeping after some days. If it sags, use plywood to give it support.

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