Must Have Features That Buyers Look for in Luxury Custom Homes

Is a luxury home on your bucket list? Do you crave owning a habitat that is a haven for some of those exquisite features you come across in online searches?  You too may become a proud owner of some of those homes and enjoy the most sought-after features. What do home buyers want in their custom habitats? It is not just spending money to make your dwelling place opulent. You need to know what must-have features constitute a luxury custom home. High-end home buyers are ready to pay high up to own properties that come with the best features. More important, you must not miss out on the essential aspects. Here is what the Kelowna Home Builders recommend as the essential features to the buyers of luxury custom homes.

The home builders are flooded with requests to design homes that fit the buyers’ needs. Most of the buyers look for comfortable living, more space, and less crowded areas. So, the home building companies are constantly working to create open kitchens, demolishing extraneous walls, and pushing ahead the concept of barriers to meet the space requirements. Socializing is the name of the game, thanks to the exiting coronavirus. For instance, homes today may have two different eating areas, casual and formal to serve the functions of multiple meals. Homes with multiple useful spaces where families can raise toasts to celebrate happy occasions.

The 5 Features That Buyers Look for in Luxury Custom Homes

  1. Floor plans

Modern homes need to cater to today’s audiences. So, floor plans must include a grand entrance, a nice hallway, large windows, and high ceilings. If you get more open space, it will aid the passing of natural light and create the impression of a large feel. Moreover, the high ceilings ensure versatility and make your habitat a point of envy in the neighborhood. Besides, creating desirable features perks up the resale value of your heavenly abode.

  1. Best outdoor living

The luxurious custom homes should have adequate outdoor spaces and it is a must-have element. The post-pandemic era signifies openness. So, more outdoor space should be a major part of every custom home. Besides, the homeowners love to experiment with the patio and the deck area and prefer including an array of features therein. For instance, patios turned into extended living spaces during the summer are key elements of several luxury habitats. With secondhomes becoming warm-weather destinations, the importance of outdoor space is a foregone conclusion.

  1. Using technology

Technology relates to comfortable living in modern homes. So, several luxury houses today have the latest set of technology. From solar panels for powering the houses to motion sensor lights, there is a lot to look for. No wonder the smart buyers want internet-based security cameras in contemporary living places, smart appliances, thermostats, and staying connected to the home with mobile devices are some of the features you can hardly miss.

  1. Changing the kitchen layout

A kitchen is no longer a place where you may have the most artful cabinets and spacious countertops. Today’s homeowners have come out of those age-old ideas, they will either look for fully-stocked areas or gourmet kitchens that speak of luxury at every step. Those who love cooking and baking will watch for the latter which include top-grade appliances, adequately-sized islands, and custom cabinets made with marble, granite, or quartz. Some of these houses may also have coffee stations and refrigerators to suit the lifestyles of the present generation. Do you also need the same smart features in your dwelling place? Why don’t you sit face-to-face with the top Kelowna architects like Bellamy Homes to get a hang of the requirements for luxury habitats?

  1. Gaming and theater rooms

You might not feel that your living place should necessarily have game and theater rooms. But these are must-haves in contemporary habitats. While the affluent buyers are taking a step up to take this content further ahead, those with mid-high budgets may feel satisfied with the basic aspects. You may ask for lavish set-ups like indoor pools, sports bars, and unique set-ups for mobile gaming.

The takeaway:

Are you also looking forward to some of these facilities? They are not everyone’s cup of tea. So, make sure you hire only the best custom home builders to fulfill your dreams. The high-end home-building companies are familiar with the wants and needs of the present-day buyers, so, work out a reasonable deal with them.