3 Best Platform Bed Frames of 2023

Platform beds are growing fond into the heart of the people. They are suitable and easy with the mattress. The wooden ones don’t make noise, which is good for people to get sound sleep.

It has a low profile, sleek style and ample storage space. If anyone needs a metal bed, that is also available. Metal platform bed or wooden platform bed, both are good with mattresses. They match properly and set up nicely. There are different colours, shapes and with smart looks. Just choose the best platform bed that meets your needs.

Where To Buy the Best Platform Bed Frame?

When you want to buy something, check online first. Its availability, price, quality and reviews. You are intelligent by reading the reviews to check your faith with others. 

You are bright enough in not buying and crying, but checking and buying after assurance. Being sure about what needs, optimizing the demand of need with everything. When you are buying the best platform bed frame, check the review and see its type, value, pros-cons, durability, size, weight, quality, assembling ease and approximate delivery time.

3 Best Platform Bed Frame 0f 2023

Image Product Details   Price
Olee Sleep Smart Wood Platform Bed Frame Wood Platform Bed Frame Dimensions: 78.38 x 82.38 x 14.25 inches
Color: Light Brown
Weight: 61.73 lbs
Material: Wood
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Allewie Full Size Modern Platform Bed Frame Modern Platform Bed Frame Dimensions: 77.4 x 57.1 x 44.9 inches
Color: Light Yellow
Weight: 800 Pounds
Material: Wood, Alloy Steel
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Zinus Van 16 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame Metal Platform Bed Frame Dimensions: 79.53 x 59.53 x 16.06 inches
Color: Black
Weight: 37.75 lbs
Material: Alloy Steel
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Amazon Basics Foldable, 14 Black Metal Platform Black Metal Platform Bed Frame Dimensions: 75 x 39 x 14 inches
Color: Black
Weight: 26.00 lbs
Material: Alloy Steel
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1. Olee sleep smart wood platform bed frame king – light brown

The Olee best wood platform bed frame is a natural, wooden bed frame with a unique sturdy design and in light brown colour. It does not creak nor makes any sound when you sleep on it. You will get the delivery on time and the assembling tools are included. There are different sizes available, the Olee sleep king bed frame with the dimensions 78.38x 82.38×14.25 inches and the mattress size and box spring size are 75.5x 7 9.5 inches. The best part is, the Olee sleep king bed frame light brown encloses the mattress from slipping off and sufficient under-bed space. 

Meet the needs, sound sleep, ample space and prevent slipping the mattress. The review of the users is great! They are satisfied with the product, says” Great platform, sturdy and satisfied.”

2. Allewie full size modern platform bed frame

The Allewie platform bed frame won its users heart.  With all the positive points it got the highest suggestion of buying this bed. There are three different sizes, full size, king and queen. Available materials are wooden and steel modern platform bed frames, but has a stable and firm structure.

The “Allewie” modern platform bed frame is a gorgeous brand and light yellow in colour. It is a stylish, comfortable bed attached with a deluxe and giant attractive wingback.  The bed has a stylish modern platform frame that is glamorous and the dense padding with foam provides great comfort.

Allewie full-size modern platform bed frame is easy to assemble and suitable, interior steel framework with wood slats. Also, get support for the mattress and there is no need for box springs. It fits all types of mattresses like spring, foam, latex or hybrid with the captivity of eight hundred pounds.  The Allewie full-size modern platform bed frame is enjoyable and more than satisfying.

3. Zinus van 16 inch metal platform bed frame with steel slat support

The Zinus van has a sixteen inches metal platform bed frame with steel slat support.  A queen-size bed that prevents sagging and will increase the life of your mattress. It can be assembled easily and it eliminates the importance of box springs. 

The best platform bed frame enables you to get huge storage under bed space. An exception is available, you get a full size, queen and King and a twin too, besides there are different shapes.  The shapes are round corners, square corners. The buyers and the users are happy to buy and to use Zinus steel bed frames. The clients are happy to use the Queen metal platform bed frame, user rating of 4.6 out of 5.

4. 14″ Black Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool Free Assembly

The bed description is as amazon basics foldable 14 metal platform bed frame with tool-free assembly, or twin bed frame. A cheap platform bed frame is also made from durable steel and sleek black. The bed type is very supportive of mattresses. Also, this twin platform bed frame will give you quiet, squeak-free, sound sleep. No need for any box springs, and use them in less space. It has a folding system to keep away when not in demand.

The cheap platform bedframe bed has quite ample storage—thirteen inches in vertical clearance. People weighing about 260 pounds can sleep on the bed. 


How much do platform beds cost?

Platform beds cost from a hundred Dollars to Five thousand Dollars and above. It varies with product size and colors.

Are metal or wood platform beds better?

Wood platforms are sturdy, they don’t make noise and don’t come off easily, but some people are metal fans. They are not interested in wood, whatever the benefits are. They prefer metal platforms, though it makes noise.

Do platform beds ruin mattresses?

No, platform beds don’t ruin but the need for a platform bed without a box spring. 

Can you use a regular mattress on a platform bed?

It is easy to use any type of mattress on a platform bed. The innerspring mattress can be used on the platform bed.

Are platform beds comfortable? 

Yes, they are. They are comfortable, elevated and setting them up changes the look of a room. 

Final Words:

Platform beds are comfortable and it puts your bed off from the ground. It is good for short people and those who love to sleep in a flat position. The wooden bed is noiseless, so you can have a sound sleep. These platform beds keep off from the ground at least a foot up, it brings a different look to your room.

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