Best Mattress Toppers for Back Pain in 2023

Do you always feel tired rather than relaxed when you wake up? Does your shoulder and spine hurt all the time? Buying the best mattress topper for back pain is crucial if you experience constant back pains every time you wake up. After a tiring day, you want to hop into your bed for a comfortable sound sleep just like the doctor recommends. However, if you experience constant back pains you require the best mattress topper for back problems to offer your body support and softness it requires.

Your energy levers are at a low when your sleep is disrupted by an uncomfortable mattress topper that constrains your back. With the right mattress topper, you will get quality sleep and your energy levels will go on a high.

According to a poll by the NSF (National Sleep Foundation) a comfortable mattress topper improves sleep quality by 92%. Failure to have a relaxing sound sleep impairs your judgment reducing your productivity. A best mattress topper can back support also keeps the mattress clean reducing tear and wear. A supportive mattress topper is one that increases your mattress thickness, comfort, and support you need for a sound sleep waking up pain-free.

Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain in 2023

1. 3’Inch Lucid Lavender Infused Mattress Topper

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: 74 x 52.5 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.03 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Malouf Fine Linens
  • Item model number: LU30FF30VT
  • Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Fabric Type: Memory Foam
  • Fill material Type: Memory Foam
  • Warranty: 3-year
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If you think Stubborn pressure issues could be relieved by a topper, then think of 3 inches lucid lavender Topper mattress.

Best Part:

The best part of this 3-inch profile topper is that it adds plushness and softens the mattress the right way. Infused with a lavender scent, this topper gives you a soothing and relaxing sleeping environment.

The 3’Inch Lucid Lavender Infused Mattress Topper comes with a ventilated design. This provides a cooler and breathable feel for the hot summer.

The memory foam will align with your spine and aid in eliminating pressure points. The contouring design allows you to sleep and wake with no back pains. This foam is certified by the CertiPUR-US for high standards of performance and safety.

Suitable for:

The comforting feel from the thick topper results in a deep sink cradling you more than the thinner topper. It is suitable for people with lower back pains and side sleepers. The 3-inch memory foam cuts down motion isolation, you hardly hear your partner turning making it one of the best mattress toppers for back pain.

And while most toppers will have the manufacturer’s scent for days, for the Lucid Lavender topper, the scent will dissipate in 48 hours and has a 3-year guarantee.

2. 4-Inch Sleep Innovations Dual Layers Mattress Topper

Product Specification:

Product Dimensions: 80 x 76 x 4 inches
Item Weight: 9.9 pounds
Manufacturer: Innocor Inc
Item model number: G-TOP-95140-KG-WHT
Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Fill material Type: Memory-foam
Material Care Instructions: Machine Wash
Warranty: 10-year

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Do you want to feel like you sleep on a puffy cloud? This is the right choice if you are looking for a mattress that will suit all your sleeping styles, from side, stomach, and back, this is the right one for you. This king-size 4 mattress topper has a dual-layer quilted fiber and a gel memory foam for luxurious comfort and a puffy feeling like you are sleeping in the cloud.

Best Part:

You will enjoy the pillowy lightness and comfort of the 2-inch fiberfill for maximum support and a 2inch gel layer memory foam. To stay cool and warm all night, this soft foam bed topper is designed with a gel memory foam. It draws the heat off regulating temperature for undisturbed sound sleep. It comes with an easily removable washable machine cover. The snug fit holds the foam and the cover in place for a comfortable feel.

Suitable For:

This 4-inch sleep innovation dual layers are suitable for all kinds of sleepers. It is one of the best available choices with a dual foam for firm grip to make your sleep pain free and comfortable. This makes the 4-inch sleep innovations dual layer mattress twice comfortable and one of the top mattresses for lower back pain.

This top mattress for back pain is made in the USA and has a 10-year guarantee warranty so you are assured of durability. Vacuum packed conveniently for easy handling and shipping, unboxing and setting up could not be easier.

3. 3-Inch Edilly Queen Topper Mattress

Product Specification:

Product Dimensions: 23 x 14 x 13.5 inches
Item Weight: 28.5 pounds
Manufacturer: EDILLY
Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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If you have an active day, you need a mattress that cushions your back once you lay down. The Edilly Queen mattress is uniquely designed to support the needs of active people like athletes. It can support your entire body relieving pressure points and alleviate pain. The gel memory foam is designed with a Tempurpedic topper that conforms to your body for a restful sleep.

Best Part:

It fits a queen size mattress perfectly and it’s a perfect combo of support and softness with the 3-inch gel like a foam mattress. Say goodbye to dust, dirt, and other allergens as the cover are removable and machine washable. This 3-inch foam pad is a pressure-relieving mattress topper designed to conform to your body.

Suitable for:

This multi-purpose topper not only upgrades your bed but is suitable for people who sleep on their stomachs aligning the spinal cord without much sinking. This helps to reduce muscle aches, waking up feeling fresh and relaxed.

And because it’s reliable and durable than the normal mattress foam, it is a back-support pad that satisfies back pain sufferers cradling them with softness as they shift sleeping positions.

This hard bed topper is certified by CertiPUR-US and ISPA to offer comfortable sleep and reduce back pains.

4. 3 Inch Pure Green Natural 100% Latex Topper

Product Specification:

Product Dimensions: ‎60 x 80 x 3 inches
Item Weight: ‎33.9 pounds
Manufacturer: EDILLY
Item model number: Q3S
Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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One of the most durable materials on the planet is pure green latex. It is one of the soft toppers in the market today for its unique quality. This very soft mattress topper provides top-notch support and comfort maintaining contoured firm support throughout your sleep.

Best Part:

It carries numerous internationally environmental and health certifications for pure green latex natural foam. The best part is the soft topper for its firmness and ideal for anyone who is looking to add more surface and softness to their mattress. It provides softness and firm support and prevents the sinking feel from the mattress.

Best For:

It is suitable for people who sleep on their sides. It is perfect for people suffering from shoulder and hip pain because of its firmness. The topper also has a firm and medium version. The soft topper is 20ILD/4 LBS density.

The pure Green Natural Latex mattress is neutral to heat. It does not absorb your body heat or change according to temperature. The open-celled has tiny chambers running through the latex foam which allow airflow through the foam topper. This is why it is considered a top mattress for back pain for its adjustability and softness to your back.

5. 4 Inch Serta Pillow Top Mattress Topper

Product Specification:

Package Dimensions: 21.2 x 19.8 x 15.2 inches
Item Weight: 35.3 pounds
Manufacturer: Serta
Item model number: FTOP15305TWWHT
Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars

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The Serta 4-Inch pillow mattress is engineered to turn your mattress into a luxury sleeping surface with cradling memory foam. This hybrid design merges the features to create a 3-inch layer topper that will support your painful pressure points gently that would otherwise have made you toss and turn all night.

Best Part:

The specialty of the Serta topper mattress is made to provide pressure relief for all sleeping positions. The 3inch topper offers maximum support to your spine. This back-pain relief mattress topper will help keep your muscles relaxed and your joints aligned properly. The top layer is a gel, the second layer is a standard memory, the third layer is polyfoam and the final fourth layer is air foam.

The top part is made with gel memory and the support core s made of polyfoam for superior comfort. Take advantage of its 3 years warranty meaning that this lumbar support mattress topper is durable. The pillowy support part provides an extra layer of comfort and support and this is a reason why it makes it to the top 10 mattresses for back pain.

Suitable for:

The Serta topper mattress is suitable for individuals who have spinal problems and painful joints resulting from arthritis It aligns the spinal cord. This mattress topper for arthritis individuals conforms to the body shape without sinking.

6. Uttu 3-Inches Topper Queen Mattress

Product Specification:

Product Dimensions: 60 x 80 x 3 inches
Item Weight: 19.91 pounds
Manufacturer: UTTU
Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars

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There is no easier way around it-Uttu 3 inches topper mattress is one of the best mattress toppers for back pain. The topper features 2 unique layer designs, Red Respira Foam, and another layer of Utuu Dynamic foams. This hard mattress topper for back pain achieves a perfect softness and balance for support and durability. It allows healthy spine alignment relieving pain from pressure points.

Best Part:

The red Respira topper foam has a unique ventilation design that allows superior airflow. This perfect pressure mattress topper controls your body temperature as you sleep. Since the foam is highly breathable. This hard mattress topper conforms to your natural curve depending on how you sleep. It accommodates the pressure points and provides an even distribution of the sleeping body weight.

Suitable for:

It is suitable for all sleeping positions allowing you to move with ease and provide superior motion isolation. This super-soft mattress topper is a top-rated mattress for lower back pain as it supports your back, hips, and shoulders enabling your spine to stay in a neutral position. This allows your muscles to relax and reduce backaches and painful joints.

Before first laying on the Uttu topper foam, remove the cover and leave it in the open for 48 hours till it’s fully expanded.

Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain Buying Guide:

When you are shopping for a mattress to help you relieve back pains, some features are crucial than others. With a bevy marketing hype and so many similar products, it can be hard to pick out the best product. However, you can get satisfaction by focusing on some key considerations.

1. Conforming Ability:

A mattress topper that will conform to your shape enables heavier body parts to sink and relieve pressure and support natural spine alignment. Sleep experts advise that whichever mattress you purchase, it is wise to pair it with the best mattress topper for back pain. Firmer and thinner mattress toppers conform less while the thicker toppers conform more.

2. Quality Materials:

Extra thick mattress topper made of superior material like gel foam is likely to provide durability, comfort, performance for back pain sufferers. The contouring, firmness, bounce, motion isolation are critical features that you should think about when you are looking for a mattress pad for back pain relief.

3. Firmness Level:

Body type and sleep position are strongly tied when considering the firmness level. Individuals weighing 130 pounds and less prefer to have a topper with a softer feel. Those weighing above 130 to 230 pounds are satisfied to have a mid-leveled firm topper. The firmer the mattress topper the better the performance to align the spinal cord in the right form. Firmness offers support and this will largely depend on individual sleeping position and body weight.

4. Thickness:

Depending on the reason why you need a mattress topper, first, consider whether you will want to change the features and the firmness of the mattress. A firm mattress for back pain needs to be thick as well as conform to your body posture.

5. Size:

If you have a small mattress size, consider increasing it to a king size. Consider getting the right mattress topper size such that it will align to your mattress. This way it will not sway to the sides when you turn while sleeping.

6. Pressure Relief:

The best foam pad for the bed is the one that conforms to the body and supports the spine without excessively sinking. Side sleepers prefer to have a softer feel topper however, the spine is not aligned well and may ache afterward. Stomach and back positions help in aligning the spine so these individuals require extra support and little conforming to release pressure.

7. Read Other Customer Reviews:

One of the consumer reports mattress toppers gave a review as below:

The mattress consists of two layers of memory cotton and a cover. The quality of the foam is very good and it doesn’t get hot in the heat.

Also, the cover has two different materials. The front fabric is soft and comfortable other side is convex and non-skid. There is zipped and can be removed for individual cleaning.

Here are some guidelines to look out for when selecting a thick topper.

  • 1 to 2-inch-thick is considered a thin topper
  • 3-inch-thick is presumed medium thickness
  • 4 inches is a thick topper
  • 5 inches and more is an extra thick topper

Why you Should Buy a Mattress Topper for Your Bad Back 

You should buy a mattress topper if your sleep is being compromised by a discomfort mattress. The best mattress for a bad back is the one that has been added with a mattress topper especially if you suffer from chronic back pains. The biggest advantage of a mattress topper is relieving the pain while you get to retain the mattress of your choice.

The toppers are infused with a soft gel and foam that conforms to your body, hitting your pressure points the right way. The infused gel makes you feel cool drastically improving your sleep. Not only does the mattress topper help in relieving back pains, but it also buys you time to purchase another mattress.

Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Mattress toppers are not created the same. Depending on your personal preference, people suffering from back pain enjoy different toppers. Most lower back pain sufferers prefer toppers made from memory foam as they conform to your body balancing pressure relief. This type of foam isolates motion and you will not hear your partner changing positions.

Another best mattress for back pain sufferers is the innerspring mattress. It is made with foam on top and a bed of coils offering pressure relief and conforming to your body shape. Polyfoam and latex are other options that help lower back pain sufferers sleep comfortably cradling well with no sinkage. Most mattress toppers are designed in a way to cool when it gets hot. They are infused with copper or gel to wicking away heat.

The best mattress for back support is one that alleviates sleep discomfort. Your life will improve and you will manage to nap peacefully. Take a look at our top-rated mattress for back pain below and make a wise decision.

Best Type of Mattress for Back Pain

After reviewing the factors to consider when you are purchasing the best mattress topper for back pain, the next step is to determine which topper composition will work well for you. Every topper has its advantages and disadvantages related to durability, pressure relief, and temperature neutrality, and performance.

  1. Foam: If you like a topper that sinks, the memory foam is the answer. The best type of mattress for back pain is the one that conforms and evenly distributes weight and keeps your spine and shoulders aligned. Foam is infused with gel copper, graphite, and other cooling substances to maintain a comfy temperature at the surface.
  2. Innerspring: Most top mattresses for back pain use an innerspring or the coil. The extra plush mattress topper is aligned with an innerspring that compress once you sit or lay on it. The number of innerspring varies from one manufacturer to the other. Generally, the more the coils the higher the support quality. The innerspring compress according to your body parts weight aligning the shoulders and the spine just right.
  3. Latex: If you are concerned with environmental footprints and chemicals, you can have a latex mattress topper. In a mattress, the latex performs lesser than memory foam with the ability to contouring to the body and bouncing back. It has more bounce than memory foam. It is great if you do not want the sinking feel. The latex foam retains heat, is hypoallergenic, perfect for sleep hygiene making it the best type of mattress for back pain.
  4. Hybrid: The hybrid mattress is a type of bed that gives maximum back support simply because it is made with interconnected coils of steel. It is suitable for anyone looking for maximum support of large individuals. For comfort, they combine steel with latex or foam on top and are the ideal mattress toppers for arthritis sufferers. They tend to last longer than any other top mattresses for back pain.
  5. Airbed: The firmness of the airbed is adjustable. They fit well into the frame of your standard bed and have padding materials like foam and it is one of the best mattresses for back pain. Airbed is an extra firm mattress back pain reliever allowing you to change the firmness or softness of the airbed by adjusting the air pressure. This benefit is not doable with foam or innerspring mattresses.

Which is the Best Firm, Medium, or Soft Mattress for Back Pain?

The right mattress helps you prevent back pains as a result of poor sleeping posture. The best firm mattress is the hybrid mattress. The hybrid offers maximum support and it is firm unlike the innerspring. The medium best mattress is the foam mattress. The firm mattress for back pain is the foam mattress.

From the touch and feel, the latex mattress is bouncier but not as bouncy as the innerspring. Because each individual has their preferences when it comes to picking the preferred mattress, ensure you read the reviews above for a wise decision.

What Thickness Mattress Topper Should I Get? 

The thickness of your mattress topper should be purchased depending on what you want it for. A 2-inch thickness range is important if you want to make slight changes to your mattress. A 3 to 4-inch range thickness is a hard mattress for back pain. It is ideal for managing injury recovery to the spine and hip. It is the right choice for cuddling and correcting the feel of the mattress. This is the best mattress topper for back pain as it has a comfortable feel. A 5-6 thickness range is great for heavier individuals. The thickness range prevents bottoming out allowing your mattress surface to feel comfortable.

What is the Difference Between a Mattress Pad and a Mattress Topper? 

Mattress topper and pad serve a dual purpose of comfort and protection. Mattress toppers are a thick version while the mattress pads add plush to your bed.

Mattress Pad

A mattress pad is a paddling thin layer made of wool, cotton, synthetic fiber, or cotton. This layer is covered with quilted fabric making your bed feel softer while at the same time protecting it from spillage and damage. Mattress pads for back support are thin and are attached to the sheet with zippers for tucking underneath your mattress. Back support mattress pads add cushioning to the bed and are washable by machine.

Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are more of a thin mattresses made of foam. Mattress topper for back pain is thicker as compared to mattress pads. They are used to alter the entire feel of the bed. It is used to add comfort and provide extra firmness especially for individuals with constant backaches. Mattress topper help in alleviating body aches and back pains.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do mattress topper really work?

Ans: Yes. Mattress toppers work in aligning your aching back. After several uses, you will realize the backaches diminish. Mattress topper provides maximum back support, conforming to your body shape.

Do I need both a mattress topper and a mattress pad?

Ans: No, you don’tDepending on what you want the topper or the pad for, it is not necessary to have both of them at the same time. The mattress topper is great for when you want to have a comfortable and protected feel of your aching back. On the other hand, the mattress pad is used to add thickness protecting the mattress from damage and spillage.

What is better a mattress pad or topper?

Ans: The mattress pad is better when you want to increase the thickness of your mattress for comfort while a mattress topper is greatly used by individuals who experience painful backs. Most mattress toppers are infused with gel foam that cushions your body and aligns the backbone and your shoulders relieving pressure for a comfortable sound sleep.

Is memory foam better for back pain? 

Ans: Yes. Memory foam can be used for cushioning side sleepers. The memory foam absorbs motion providing support to the entire back and your spine. One drawback is they retain heat, therefore, look for a model made with exceptional features like cooling and breathability.


If you have been struggling with pains and aches every time you wake up or simply do not want to put in an extra budget to purchase a new mattress, a mattress topper might be the real deal. The best mattress topper for back pain is one that provides comfort, and support your body requires for better sleep. The mattress topper material, thickness, and firmness play a huge in ensuring that you don’t wake up with an aching back.

Based on your specific requirements, choose a mattress topper based on your sleeping position, body type, and personal specific needs. May I also suggest it is wise to look for brands that have a warranty and brands that last?

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